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When entrusting your loved one to a Funeral Director, it is only natural that you will want to know a little bit about them and the organisation as a whole. This page provides some information about Finch & Sons which may be of interest.

Naturally, if you have any specific questions you are more than welcome to contact us or pay us a visit, and we will be happy to provide any information you may desire.

Whenever you contact Finch & Sons, you will be talking directly to a member of our family.

We provide a professional and caring service for bereaved families; and being a small, independent company, we will take as long as necessary to ensure you are totally satisfied and comfortable with every detail of the arrangements.

We understand how personal every Funeral is, therefore, all our staff have been selected because of their caring personalities, and their dedication to the families that they deal with.

Matthew and Dominic are responsible for directing all Funerals, while Robin, Kay and Kirsty support families and take care of all the administration of the business.

We are dedicated as a team to ensuring that everything you ask for happens as smoothly as possible, right from first contact, through to the Funeral and beyond.


Since being a young boy, Matthew’s ambition always was to own his own Funeral Directors, and having grown up in Bletchley, that was the obvious choice of location to base the company.

After leaving school, Matthew’s first job was at Crownhill Crematorium, Milton Keynes, where he became the youngest qualified Crematorium attendant in the country. Having gained experience at several local Funeral Directors, he spent 10 years working for H.W.Mason & Sons, where he passed the National Association of Funeral Director’s diploma in Funeral Directing, becoming one of the most qualified Funeral Directors in the area. 

Robin also grew up in the Milton Keynes area. After leaving school, Robin worked in many administrative roles for various industries, gaining a lot of experience in the many different fields that these roles presented.

After meeting Matthew, Robin’s interest in the Funeral trade developed, leading to the decision to open their own Funeral service. They hope their children will eventually share their passion and carry on the family business. In fact, Matthew’s son, Dominic, is currently working at Finch & Sons, training in all aspects of the trade.

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