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Attended funerals from £3025 Including disbursements
Direct funerals from £1402 Including disbursements

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We honestly believe that as a small, family run funeral service, we are in the best position to offer families the very best possible service, but at the most competitive prices.




























The price of a funeral is made up of two parts. Firstly, the cost of the services provided by the funeral director and secondly, the disbursements. Disbursements are fees paid before the funeral on the family’s behalf. These include costs like Cremation fee, Church fees and Doctor’s fees. Please note, the disbursements are the same regardless of the funeral director and should always be charged “at cost”...

Finch & Sons fees
Rather than giving an itemised list of the many different items involved, we prefer to quote one figure which includes everything we do for you in relation to the funeral. This includes everything, from collecting the deceased from the place of death, right through to the hearse and staff who attend on the day of the funeral. This figure also includes a high quality oak veneered coffin, and unlimited use of our chapel of rest, during normal working hours £1,695

Typical Disbursements for a cremation funeral
-Cremation at Crownhill Crematorium £1008 -
A list of other local crematoria and their prices are available


-Fee for Doctor to complete cremation forms £82 

-Religious minister (including travel expenses) £240 

Therefore total cost, including fees, of typical cremation funeral without limousines is £3,025

Some other goods and services that may be selected by families include:

-Collection of deceased outside of normal working hours £175
-Limousine (to carry up to 6 mourners) £185

-Solid wood ashes casket £60
-Orders of service from (minimum order of 40) £1.50 each - Minimum of 40 copies (£60)
-Press notice from £80 (Always charged at cost from newspaper outlet)
-Civil celebrant if religious service is not required from £240

Other local Crematorium prices

-Crownhill Crematorium, Milton Keynes: £1,008

-Bierton Crematorium: £790

-Aylesbury Vale Crematorium: £795

-Counties Crematorium, Northampton: £1,070

-Norse Road Crematorium, Bedford: £959.15

-Banbury Crematorium: £950

-West Herts Crematorium, Watford: £939

-The Vale Crematorium, Luton: £1,025

A whole range of coffins are available including ‘eco-friendly’ coffins. We are happy to discuss whatever requirements you may have.

Where a church service or burial is required, our cost remains the same at £1,695. Disbursements are different but are always charged at cost.

We always recommend families obtain at least two quotations from different funeral directors. We will always endeavour to include EVERYTHING in a quotation we provide. Please ensure other companies do the same when comparing prices for your own protection.

We are also more than happy to conduct funerals for families claiming funeral payments from the D.W.P, and will help you where we can with the process.

Our aim is always to provide the very best possible service at the most reasonable cost.


Please send us any enquiries you may have, and we’ll get back as soon as possible with detailed answers.

As we do not have share holders and we are not part of a larger group, we simply do not need to charge the over inflated prices you are likely to find elsewhere. Of course, the service you and your loved one receives is the most important factor but naturally we appreciate that costs are also a major consideration at this time.

As a small, family run business, we are proud to be able to conduct and organise funerals for everyone's wishes, however small the detail. We will always take time to understand exactly who the service is for, and what it is you wish for them. 

We have organised funerals for many religions, and are proud to have done so, understanding the finest details of what is important to everyone's belief.

Travelling long distances around the UK is something we have done many times to conduct funerals in every corner of the country, and we are very pleased to have accompanied that person and their family for the duration of their journey. It is quite important to us to have looked after the funerals' details every step of the way.

We are very happy to discuss your requirements, whatever they may be, and will be willing to support all your needs, however big or small.

Please find our pricelist below, and contact us fore more information.

Please note that due to recent changes in the law we are obliged to publish a CMA standardised price list and certain other information which is available to download. All funeral directors are obliged to publish a price list in this format so that consumers are able to compare prices on a like for like basis with no hidden costs.

CMA Standardised Price List
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