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Golden Leaves

Direct Cremation funeral plan from £1,735

Bespoke funeral plan from £3,454

 £349 Optional third party fees Guarantee

Prices available to customers paying in full or in 12 months'

interest free instalments (subject to health status)

First question - is my money safe if I purchase a plan?


In a word... yes! Every penny you pay (minus Golden leaves' £249 fee for plan administration)  is held in safely by the Golden Leaves Trust.


Please click the Golden Leaves logo above for more information about the trust

It is possible to take the financial burden away from your family by taking out
a Golden Leaves pre-paid funeral plan with us because, once paid for, our funeral directors’
costs are guaranteed to be covered, however long you live. If you want to protect your
loved ones against third party costs outside our control, you can choose a plan that includes
a contribution to these expenses or opt for the Golden Leaves Third Party Fees Guarantee
and take away that worry completely. 

But there are lots of plans available, What's different?

With a plan arranged through Finch & Sons, you are free to include exactly what you want. We do not just give you 3 choices off a menu. We sit down with you and ask exactly what you require and price the plan up at today’s prices. We can arrange to cover a direct cremation or just to cover certain aspects of the funeral. You can choose a packaged plan with a range of attractive benefits or you can create a bespoke plan that’s
tailored exclusively to you. You can pick a plan that includes only a contribution to third
party fees outside our control or go for a fully-guaranteed plan that takes care of these costs altogether. If you choose a plan with a contribution to third party costs, please note that if these costs are more than the value of your contribution then there may be a balance to pay which your estate or next-of-kin will have to meet at the time of need.

Ted & Couple

Do it your way!

  • Plan paid in one lump sum

  • Plan paid over 12 months interest free (subject to health status)

  • We are happy to advise you no matter what type of plan you choose, and we will take the stress out of the form filling for you if you would like us to.

  • Decide what you want included in your plan

  • Decide how you want to pay

  • Contact us and we will do the rest for you

About our plans…

We provide tailored funeral arrangements that can be relied upon. We do so
by providing you with a funeral plan that will ensure your wishes are delivered, no matter
how far into the future.

Why choose a Funeral Plan now?…

  • Consideration for loved ones

  • A guaranteed cost of Funeral Director Services

  • Protect your money in the Golden Leaves Trust

  • Value for money

  • Take care of third party fees with the Third party Fee Guarantee and protect your loved ones against unexpected costs


Why choose a plan through Finch & Sons…

  • We are a small family owned and run funeral service who put the families we care for first

  • We offer free, no obligation advice on all aspects of funeral plans

  • We are flexible and can tailor your plan to suit you

  • You can be rest assured that your family will receive the best possible care

  • All your money (less Golden Leaves’ £249 administration fee) is held in the
    Golden Leaves Trust and safeguarded by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Money paid into plans are held in trust by an independently administered third party so the cost of our services are guaranteed to be covered, however long it is until you pass away. For more information, please feel free to contact us for a brochure or a no obligation chat.

Even if you are not in a position to purchase a plan at present, we are happy to sit down with you to take your instructions for future reference.


We offer a bespoke plan so you are assured that you include exactly what you want and don’t pay for anything you don’t want to include. Any extra services can be added at any time to your plan: Church service or burial for instance. 

Order your free brochure today, or even better, feel free to contact us for a no obligation chat

Finch and Sons Family Funeral Service Limited is an Appointed Representative of Golden Leaves Limited, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  Firm Reference Number 960923.  You can check this on the Financial Services Register at

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